28 Sep 2015


Or: The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

The man wants to regain control of his life. In the days before the premiere, the famous actor will face his egos and tries to regain his family, career, and finds himself. But will he succeed in that?

Thomson is sixty-four who was once a star on the big screen as a superhero, but today he is known as "a man dressed as a bird who talks a sordid story"…
And why birds? Once he flew or he will just fly, will he? The bird is the soul of the man. He returns to the theater stages. Birdman is flying on the wings of a well-deserved success over Hollywood. There are no villains. Everyone is struggling with themselves and their egos, with their shadows. This is a social drama, but also a comedy, not only an ordinary family black chronicle. This is a reaction to the triumph of ignorance in the world of film. Birdman is really a bird and there is no barrier for it …

Dorein Way

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