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23 Sep 2015

Freelance Writer

You wonder: Who are these people “freelance writers”? There are people who write to order and they are the best in that. Nowadays mainly texts are written for internet sites, blogs, e-books and others. But, who are you, someone who writes or someone who needs any writing service?

If you are a writer, look at the Internet, follow people in your niche and read their materials, follow magazines, blogs, forums and other. Many writers are successful freelance writers who work from home and out of a home office. Or if you are not a writer and you need a text in 300 words, you are on the right place. 

Writing is a very demanding job and it needs someone who has already read a lot of literature in the required field, it also requires the text with the basic SEO features. Also, contents should be lovable to readers. Everyone is not equally capable for creative writing or for other writing forms, for example, technical writing. 

Freelance writers can write many things, for example I write posts or articles, critiques or essays, short stories ABOUT: any books, any music videos, about films, painting, about poems, poetry or about something else. Freelance writers write for you a SEO-optimized content for better chances to the Internet research, also freelance writers can write and as guests on any blogs but in this sense, he/she needs to be connected with the other blog owner as guest writers. 

Certainly, experienced freelance writers write better than beginners. And, do not forget that there are people with artistic sense or sense for marketing stuff, etc. 

My texts are like these ones on this site, and if you take some of these with a fee they will be removed from this site. Accompanying picture for text, you should send by yourself or you would suggest something to me.  

For me, send your email.