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22 Sep 2015


Korean wave, "Gangnam Style" is a pop single by the South Korean musician Psy. He rides fast on his horse, but does he know where he goes? I am not sure. Then, we must agree that it is very attractive. It is very intelligent and I do not know how much it is artistic matter.  It moves us. The world is fast. Very fast. It is not vulgar, he explains the world.  

"Gangnam Style" is a Korean neologism (neolexia or the act of creating a new word, a new term or a new word doctrine, sometimes called a semantic extension) and that refers to a life-style associated with the Gangnam District of Seoul. "Gangnam Style" refers to the significant increase in the popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture since '90s. Now it is known as popular K-pop songs.

Is that style an inspiration for silliness or something else, maybe a disclosure of the modern culture to us or it is something else? What is it? Tell me. 

There is some kind of arts, and there is something of silliness. Yes. All that is quickly and too rich with modern things, and at the same time it is derision or mockery on that.  

As confirmation for special value Psy appeared at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. It is a sort of cultural impact for the whole world. Few are indifferent about that. With the rhythm and with the visual atmosphere in his music videos we cannot be completely disinterested. 

Popular culture is on the side of new cultural, "Gangnam Style" or that style is just a product of new culture. Something of that already exists in us, and there is no defense. 

Our world is business and trading, goods, speed, erotica which remains sensual. And we constantly ride and drive as Psy does. 

Is it a "gavagai", a philosophical theory? The gavagai thought experiment tells who tries to find, what the expression gavagai means, and at first look it seems that gavagai simply translates with a rabbit. My simple translation of Gangnam is the big machinery. But I do not know what it is in its deep essence.