13 Oct 2015


Return to yourself …

People hurry, away from a possibility to meet themselves… Everything seeks attention… The machine is pulling (taking) me home. From work I drive exhausted, listening to the radio and thinking- “We’re all dreaming.” Things are draining energy, that’s the price we pay… Racing and charging through life, until… waking up. A drop in the ocean of divine consciousness. All is one. That’s right. 

Life is dynamic, yet, something is missing… Emptiness and endless bottom… Fullness is endless, too, but harder to attain (get to), since it is the first… Where am I coming from? Could I get lost? I know… But, knowing is locked. If I could open my eyes… again.

I’ve just arrived. Tomorrow is a new day. The fridge I am opening late, having a dinner and tired watching the TV. Something interesting, they always come up with… Am I happy? And, Internet, a new cultural entertainment invention, a new shift, a new opportunity if used accordingly (properly)…

It’s all okay, but shallow- a purposeless entertainment. Just to survive this day… Is this a plan for the Men from the stars? And, nothing more, just to eat well and sleep for tomorrow. To wake up recharged and seemingly healthy?

When a man sails through deepness, all the plans disappear. He travels well alone… There is everything, life is worry  and fear… Only the stars send a glow, promise, salvation.

Remembering faded…

I am thinking of a better plan. A city of the sun, at (on) the highest floor… Above the buildings, everything shines, yet, the darkness is in charge down here…

It is hard for me to push my thoughts through this window to the cosmic space. Sensing the divine, a man cries in sorrow, thinking he is further away… The fears are from the Men, the laughter is of divine touch… The space and time, could I bend (move) in order to stay here, since this music of the universe is calling.

A man, unfulfilled man, seeks and buys, lives, works, loves, plays, worries. He is but a half of a man. He knows that and it hurts a lot. Just a dream, or… an unfulfilled dream.


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