4 Sep 2015


PRESENT Simple Tense

a. The speaker expresses the idea through a usual action as: facts, generalizations, universal truths, habits and routines, permanent situations.

“You write a book.”
“You do not write a book.”
“Do you write a book?”
“I play the guitar.”
“He plays the guitar.”
“Does she play the guitar?”
“She does not play the guitar.”
“He always forgets his book.”
“Every two days I write a blog.”
“I write two posts every week.”
“Vienna is a beautiful city.”

b. The speaker talks about scheduled events in the near future:

“The job starts at 6 o'clock.”

c. The speaker expresses the idea that an action is happening or is not happening now (Non-Continuous Verbs such as: be, have got, know, understand, love, like, hate, …):

“He has a dog.”

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