22 Sep 2015


Korean wave, "Gangnam Style" is a pop single by the South Korean musician Psy. He rides fast on his horse, but does he know where he goes? I am not sure. Then, we must agree that it is very attractive. It is very intelligent and I do not know how much it is artistic matter.  It moves us. The world is fast. Very fast. It is not vulgar, he explains the world.  

"Gangnam Style" is a Korean neologism (neolexia or the act of creating a new word, a new term or a new word doctrine, sometimes called a semantic extension) and that refers to a life-style associated with the Gangnam District of Seoul. "Gangnam Style" refers to the significant increase in the popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture since '90s. Now it is known as popular K-pop songs.

Is that style an inspiration for silliness or something else, maybe a disclosure of the modern culture to us or it is something else? What is it? Tell me. 

There is some kind of arts, and there is something of silliness. Yes. All that is quickly and too rich with modern things, and at the same time it is derision or mockery on that.  

As confirmation for special value Psy appeared at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. It is a sort of cultural impact for the whole world. Few are indifferent about that. With the rhythm and with the visual atmosphere in his music videos we cannot be completely disinterested. 

Popular culture is on the side of new cultural, "Gangnam Style" or that style is just a product of new culture. Something of that already exists in us, and there is no defense. 

Our world is business and trading, goods, speed, erotica which remains sensual. And we constantly ride and drive as Psy does. 

Is it a "gavagai", a philosophical theory? The gavagai thought experiment tells who tries to find, what the expression gavagai means, and at first look it seems that gavagai simply translates with a rabbit. My simple translation of Gangnam is the big machinery. But I do not know what it is in its deep essence. 


20 Sep 2015

E.A.Poe - "Raven"

(Thinking about "Raven")

Edgar Allan Poe was filled with night, with weakness and with pain, he had never been alone, never. In that raining night suddenly something was knocking. On the door? … and, he thought about that: "Only this, and nothing more?" 

When he was reading some forgotten books … knocking was continuing, he woke up and he remembered that it was a cold December and how his loved darling Lenore had come out from his life forever. This cold wave and the remembrance of the love still increased his solitude. 

He was reading a book. Again, there was some rustling. A curtain? That looked like danger! Is it Lenore? And he said: "It is wind and nothing more". 

He came to the window and he opened it. A raven!? The dark raven sat above the door: ‘And nothing more’.

In the dark and solitude this raven looked like a friend for a moment. But the raven croaked again: "And nothing more".

Almost broken he tried to find the meaning of those words: "Nothing more".

The raven, already became like a prophet. Poe asked himself: ‘Is it a bird or a devil!?’ Fear is big. Somehow, in the name of God he asked the raven this: ’Will I know that if I will be able to see my Lenore in the paradise? 

The raven croaked: "And nothing more" and looked at Poe, he stood above the door on the bust of Palad in the dark, and then it was silence. 

Poe’s Soul was already exhausted.


19 Sep 2015

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you want that the people find exactly what you have to offer on the web?

Machine thinks in his own way. According to work of search engines, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords we can type within options of our Internet techniques / equipment and technology / process. SEO is an Internet marketing strategy, and optimizing a website may involve editing its content considerably, and require a lot of patience or adaptations, etc. 

More than 90% of all visits come from a search engine (Google and others). Optimizing pages is a long process which optimizes and adapts the content of the pages for searching. The first versions of search algorithms relied on information as the keyword meta-tag or index files in engines. Meta-tags are guides to any content of the page.

There are two types of factors that influence the ranking on Google as the techniques used in optimizing sites: on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

On-site SEO is a part of the optimization that is done on the site: coding, tags, technical elements, organization contents for the site, the elements on the page, the amount of images, texts, videos, their mutual relationship, the frequency of adding content, etc. 

Off-site SEO is the part that refers to everything related to your site and not to your server, as links from other sites to your site address, the activity on your official social media accounts, the appearance of the site on the other sites, etc.

We need to register our web-site on Google and/or other search engines, insertions of meta-tags and keywords, making SEO site structure, internal linking, SEO URLs, link building, application sites to the web directories, bookmarking, tracking visitors on Google Analytics  (Google's web traffic analytics service), etc.

SEO is a digital marketing technique as the process for achieving better website ranks in search engines. Google is the most dominant search engine in the world, then Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc.