Aeronautical Knowledge for the 21. Century:

1. Flying and Aviation; Aircraft; Airplanes and Helicopters; V(S)TOL Aircraft; Civil Aviation, Air Traffic and Air Shipping; Air Traffic and Transport; General Aviation (GA); Sport Aviation (SA); Military Aviation (MA); Ecosystem  and Environmental Protection; Aeronautical Industry; Aerospace Technology (AT)

2. Air Transport Means (ATM) – Fixed Wing (FW) – Airplanes; Fluid Mechanics; Thermodynamics; Principles of Flight or Flight Theory Airplanes (A); Aerodynamics – General; Airplane Aerodinamics; Airplane Flight Mechanics; Airframes of Airplanes

3. Air Transport Means – Rotorwing (RW) - Rotorcraft – Helicopters; Principles of Flight or Flight Theory Helicopters (H); Helicopter Aerodynamics; Helicopter Flight Mechanics; Airframes of Helicopters

4. Airports; Air Traffic Services (ATS); Airspace; Flight Planning and Flight Monitoring; Aviation Security

5. Air Law; Air Regulations; Aeronautical Books, Handbooks, Manuals, Publications, Documentations and Check Lists; Civil Aviation Organizations and Associations

6. Powerplant of Aircraft; Systems Installed on Aircraft; Miscellaneous Aircraft Systems; Instrumentation of Aircraft; Equipment of Crews and Aircraft; Aircraft Design and Build; Maintenance A/C

7. Air Navigation; Units of Measurement in Aviation; Usage Supplies, Equipment and Devices (SED); Meteorology - Aviation Weather; Communications and Aviation Phraseology

8. Flight Environment and Pilot Career; Air Schools; Human Performance and Limitation; CRM, SRM and MRM factor (Crew Resource Management, Single-Pilot RM and Maintenance RM); Pilot Decision Making (PDM - ADM); Air Services (Aerial Works); Other Professions, Specialities and Jobs in Aviation; Air Safety; Aircraft Incident and Accidents

9. Rules of the Air; Flight Training (FT); Parachuting; Balloon FT; Paraglider FT; Glider FT; Airplane FT; Helicopter FT; Flight Simulator FT

10. Aeronautical Dictionary; Abbreviations and Acronyms (ICAO - JAR – FAR); Definitions and Terms: ICAO, JAR, FAR


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